Inshore Fishing Charters

It’s no wonder that Tampa Bay is famous for it’s shallow water flats fishing. It’s the largest shallow water estuary in all of Florida and home to Florida’s most prized inshore game fish; redfish, snook, and trout.

Tampa Bay is fed by many creeks and rivers, covered in oyster bars and grass flats, and surrounded by mangrove lined shores. The Bay offers a wide variety of fishing types; from super skinny water sight fishing, river fishing, grass flats fishing and more. And all of Tampa Bay is home to some of the most exciting flats fishing in all of Florida.

Whether you are looking to target a specific species of fish, or catch as many different kinds of fish as possible, Tampa Bay is the place to do it and Capt. Jason is the guide who can put you on them.

Our most popular inshore game fish.

There are tons of different inshore game fish to fish for but these three make up the “inshore slam”.


Famous for their “bulldog” style of fighting, redfish roam the flats of Tampa Bay in schools anywhere from a few fish to 1000’s of fish. They are strong fighters, plentiful in number, and they are great table fare.


“Line Siders” are the undisputed champs of the flats. They can exhibit blistering runs as they try to break you off on structure. There’s a reason they are the most sought after shallow water game fish in all of Florida.


Sea Trout are our most reliable game fish on the flats and bite well year ’round. Big trout are considered “gators” and can pull drag just like a redfish. They are great table fare and quite often can be caught in huge numbers.

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