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Experience some of the best hunting in the Atlantic Flyway!

Duck hunting is one of Captain Jason’s favorite past times.

Nothing is better than waking up early with good friends and or Family and heading out to get your decoys set up before the sunrises.  This hunt is all about safety, fun, and camaraderie.

This time of year, we have cool mornings and mild afternoons.

Duck hunting in Tampa bay offers lots of opportunities for hunters of all ages and backgrounds to have a chance at duck for dinner!

A picture of Duck Hunting with Fishn Fl.

Tampa Bay Duck Hunting Guide

Captain Jason offers Duck hunts from his 2022 custom excel 1854 boat and the shoreline with waders when necessary.

Capt. Jason puts in the extra effort scouting to make sure that he is on the “X.”

Clients enjoy some of the most exciting waterfowl hunting in the south. Clients will have opportunities to bag mostly Bluebill, Redhead, Merganser, Mottled, and hybrids on a hunt inside the coastal estuary system of Tampa bay.

Duck Hunting Trips & Pricing

Four-hour morning duck hunt:

Three-person max

$350 for one hunter

$700.00 for two hunters

$1050.00 for three hunters

Four-hour afternoon duck hunt:

Three-person max

$350 for one hunter

$700.00 for two hunters

$1050.00 for three hunters

Cast and Blast (8 hours)

Inshore fishing + Duck hunting

Three-person max


Gun rental

12 gauge shotgun: $100.00 per gun

Waders are available to rent.

Shells are additional if not supplying your own.

Season Dates

Sept. 18-22 (teal and wood duck only)
Sept. 23-26 (teal only)
Nov. 20-28
Dec. 11 – Jan. 30

Online Reservations

For help, Contact Us

If Booking Online, please select an “A.M. or P.M.” hunt (if not a full-day/8hr).

Duck hunting Pickup location

Pickup location varies based on waterfowl migrations and other factors. Capt. Jason will inform you of where You Waterfowl hunt will depart from the evening before your hunt.

Duck Hunting F.A.Q.

Q: When is Duck hunting season?
A: Duck season in Florida is.

Sept. 18-22 (teal and wood duck only)
Sept. 23-26 (teal only)
Nov. 20-28
Dec. 11 – Jan. 30

Q: Can an inexperienced person have a successful hunt?
A: Yes, as long as you can safely operate and shoot a shotgun, Captain Jason can show you everything you need to do to have a successful hunt.

Q: How many people can I bring on a hunt?
A: I can accommodate up to three for a duck hunting charter, Multi boat trips are available.

Q: Do I need to bring my own shotgun, shells, and waders?
A: Yes, If you have your own  12 gauge or 20 gauge shotgun we always recommend you use it.

Rental for 12 gauge shotguns and waders is available, alongside shells at an additional cost.

Q: Will I shoot my limit of ducks?
A: Captain Jason cannot guarantee that you go home with a limit of ducks but all hunts usually have the opportunity to harvest.

Q: Will the Captain help clean any ducks harvested?
A: Yes, if you’re new to hunting or just want a hand cleaning your harvest.  Captain Jason will assist you.

Q: What should I bring on my hunting trip?
A: You should bring camo clothing, waders, food and drink for the day, and a great attitude.

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