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Florida Tarpon Fishing

Florida is the undisputed Tarpon fishing capital, home to literally “The Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World” in Boca Grande- Florida has made itself the epicenter for catching this hard fighting species.

Boca Grande Tarpon

Boca Grande is home to the largest congregation of tarpon anywhere on the planet, this is how it got its status as the Tarpon Fishing Capital of the World. This occurs during the yearly migration and visitors from all over flock to this fishery to target these Silver Kings. However, if you are looking to skip the crowds, there are other options.

Tampa Bay Tarpon

Tampa Bay see’s an exciting Tarpon migration of its very own. Again, thousands of these fish pour into this bay system during the yearly migration, and the tarpon fishing here is simply epic.

Florida Keys Tarpon

Also home to a migration, the Keys offers another element to the tarpon fishing here in the state- and that is year round availability. Keys tarpon are available all year long due to the warmer waters and the many protected estuaries. In this, the Keys are home to a large resident population.

Fly Fishing for Tarpon

Florida is also the undisputed king for fly fishing for Tarpon. Landing a tarpon on the fly is on many long roders bucket lists. If it’s on yours, Florida is the place to do it.

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