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St. Petersburg Fishing Charters

St. Petersburg, Florida is a world-renowned destination for inshore fishing. With its calm and sheltered waters, the area is home to a diverse range of fish species, including redfish, snook, trout, and tarpon.

Fishing in these waters offers an exciting experience for anglers of all levels, from beginners to seasoned pros. At Fish’n Fl, we offer a variety of inshore fishing charters that cater to your specific needs and preferences. Our expert guides have years of experience and know the best spots to find the most prized catches.

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a relaxing day on the water or hoping to reel in the catch of a lifetime, Fish’n Fl has the perfect charter for you.

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St. Pete’s popular inshore game fish.

Chase the inshore slam in the heart of the Suncoast of Florida! St. Pete offers amazing fishing opportunities!


Redfish are strong fighters and travel in schools ranging from 5 fish to over 500 fish. We mainly target redfish in water of depths of less than 3 feet. Redfish are our favorite species for “sight fishing” opportunities.


Often dubbed “the most sought-after game fish in Florida”, Snook offer tremendous fights with drag screaming runs. We find these fish along the beaches, the mangroves, and in creeks and rivers.


The Speckled Sea Trout is the most abundant game fish in the shallow coastal waters of St. Pete. They average in size from one to 6 lbs but don’t let their smaller size fool you! They pack a powerful punch when they strike. And they make excellent table fare.

St. Petersburg, Florida Fishing

The inshore fishery in St. Petersburg, Florida, is a thrilling experience for anglers and a unique ecosystem home to a wide range of marine life. The shallow, grassy flats, mangroves, and oyster beds provide vital habitats for various species of fish, crabs, shrimp, and other marine creatures.

These shallow waters serve as a nursery for juvenile fish, providing them a safe place to grow before heading out to deeper waters. The area’s seagrass beds and mangrove systems play a crucial role in stabilizing the shoreline, preventing erosion, and filtering the water.

These mangrove systems, oyster bars, and seagrass beds are a year-round residence for snook, redfish, and spotted sea trout – which make up the local “inshore slam”.

As responsible anglers, we understand the importance of preserving this delicate ecosystem and take great care to practice sustainable fishing methods. By respecting the environment and following best practices, we can ensure that future generations will continue to enjoy the thrill of fishing in the bountiful waters of St. Petersburg, Florida.

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