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Tampa Bay Snook


In appearance, snook favor bass in many ways. Their fins and mouths are very similarly shaped. Snook caught in the backcountry are even similarly colored; dark brown, green, and silver. But for the most part, snook is more silver than anything, a little more elongated than bass and they have a single line down each side. Hence the nickname, “Linesiders”.  They also feed similarly to bass. They readily take live baitfish and topwater plugs. They even leap out of the water during a fight.

But, that’s just about where the similarities stop. Unlike bass, when you hook a good-sized snook it’s like hooking a freight train. Line screams off your real and all you can think about during the fight is how you just hope you can keep the fish buttoned on and not get broken off.

Where can snook be caught?

Snook can be found just about anywhere in inland waters in the Tampa Bay area. In the wintertime, we catch them in creeks, rivers, and residential canals. In the springtime, we catch them on the flats. In the summertime, we catch them on the beaches and in the passes. In the fall we find them on the flats and near creeks and rivers.

What does snook eat?

Snook readily eat baitfish such as sardines, pinfish, and mullet. They also will eat shrimp and crabs.

When is the best time to fish for snook?

Snook can be caught year-round but the best time for us to catch them here in the Tampa Bay area is from March through October. The open seasons for snook have changed quite regularly during the past several years so check with us by phone to find out the current regulations on taking one home for dinner.

a picture of two fisherman each holding a snook they caught in tampa bay