The most awesome fish of all inshore game fish. Beautiful, hard fighting and often illusive. Long, silver and formidable. Nothing, I mean nothing beats the chase and the fight of tarpon. There’s a reason that people have visited Florida, hooked and fought a tarpon and then literally moved here because of of the addiction they were afflicted with by fishing for the majestic fish. Fighting a tarpon is like nothing else. It’s a train wreck crossed with a rodeo with a little saltwater adventure mixed in. Tarpon are regularly caught in the Tampa Bay area form 60-150lbs with fish reaching 200lbs on occasion. Their runs are breathtaking and their leaps awe inspiring. If you’ve never caught one, put it on your bucket list because you don’t want to go through life with ought ever having had this experience.

Where can tarpon be caught?

Like many of our local game fish, they can be caught in many different areas depending on the time of year. Creeks, rivers, flats beaches, passes and around the area bridges are are likely places but the best places to target them are hands down the beaches and bridges during the summer.

What do tarpon eat?

Live and dead baitfish including sardines, threadfin herring, mullet and pinfish. They will also eat shrimp but one of their favorite foods is crabs.

When is the best time to fish for tarpon?

They can be caught year ’round but to really target them, the best time of year is during the summer. May through September are you best best.