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Tampa Bay Redfish


Redfish are bronze or copper-colored and spend their early years in shallow waters. Mature fish (sometime after they reach 30″ long) will head offshore for the most part but will return to inland waters to spawn. They usually have one black spot on each side of their tail but on occasion, they can be found with multiple spots.

Where can redfish be caught?

Redfish can tolerate freshwater so they can be caught just about anywhere in Tampa Bay’s coastal waters. Creeks, rivers, grass flats, beaches, and around oyster bars are all likely places to catch redfish.

What do redfish eat?

Redfish will eat a large variety of things. They are naturally designed to be bottom feeders with their mouths positioned on the bottom of their heads. This makes them excellent at rooting out crabs, shrimp, and baitfish that are hiding amongst the grass on the shallow seafloor. They are famous for “tailing” when feeding like this. Their tails will often breach the surface as they have their nose down feeding in shallow water. They aren’t limited to bottom-feeding however as they will often chase fish along the surface.

When can redfish be caught?

Redfish can be caught year-round and they are much more temperature tolerant than many other game fish in the Tampa Bay area.  However, my favorite months to fish for them are February through June and October – December.

a picture of a fisherman holding a redfish caught in tamp bay