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Last Updated on February 8, 2017 by Capt. Jason

Today’s trip had some issues at the beginning.

My boat didn’t want to start. So after some troubleshooting.

I ran to the store and purchased a new battery, My boat cranked right up.  After a  hour long delay. My clients patiently waited.

I honestly felt really bad not being able to depart on time. So we double book it over to a spot I have been catching trout, Lots of big trout. Pull into the spot and literally have Ladyfish chewing out the bottom of the boat. we move all around this area. We work the area thoroughly but the trout are sitting deep in the mud and our jigs are getting hit by a ladyfish as soon as they hit the water.

My clients and myself had enough of the Ladyfish, even though they fight like hell and make good runs. They have no  real food value.

We make a short run to a flat that has been holding trout and some reds, The tide was super low. We couldn’t really get up on the flats.

We were met with more ladyfish and quickly move.

The wind decided to lay out nicely so we make a run to the middle of the bay and get there just as the tide started to come in.

We decided to drift this particular rock pile and  proceeded to put on a complete Whack fest. we caught multiple limits of Sheepshead with some bigger sheepheads  posing for a few pictures.

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