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Last Updated on November 8, 2017 by Staff Writer

This week we finally have had a break in the clouds.
I’m hopeful my clients may even get to see the sun over Tampa in the sunshine state.
The past few weeks have been extremely hard to get out fishing much for almost 21 days the rain was so bad and the winds blanketed over Tampa bay keeping me off the water almost indefinitely.
One good thing about all the rain is that it has completely changed the water temperature to a more desirable level for our forage fish, game-fish, and anglers alike.
I did get out once in between the storms, with the lack of fishing pressure in Tampa bay at the moment and the cooling water temps made for one of the best bites of the summer.
I half way thought it was October.
We caught over 30 snook up to 30 inches, that were actively competing for every bait we slung at the mangroves.
At one point the snook were causing such a commotion that we had 3 redfish come into the mix that made it home for dinner for my clients.
We also caught our limit of Mangrove Snapper and through back probably 15 more as well.
and we even stopped and caught a few trout in the way in to the boat ramp. Got to love catching fish around Tampa bay near Gandy boat ramp.
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