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4-1-20 Tampa Bay fishing Report. Running trips during Covid-19

Last Updated on May 1, 2020 by Capt. Jason

The last month or so has been some of the more difficult times in my entire Adult life.

January Started out way slower then it should of been, due to me getting surgery on my left knee. Things at this point where looking up.

I have healed very nicely from that, but the effects of Covid-19 on my business and in general just having to isolate as an extrovert have definitely taken a toll on my morale, and my optimism. Despite 2020, being a crazy roller-coaster. I have been able to get out with some of my regular clients, and a few new ones. I want to say THANK YOU, to each and every client,friend and Family member that has supported me and my business through these difficult times. I will never forget those that helped me survive.


Again thank you for supporting small business’s like mine, and those located within our local community.


Fishing! That’s probably what all of you readers really want to see. So here it is..

The fishing in Tampa Bay, has absolutely been firing off on all cylinders. The fish have no idea that the human race is battling a virus of such large magnitudes, and if they do. They sure don’t act like it. Because they’re feeding heavily on almost every trip that I have ran.

Clients have been able to Catch Snapper,Mackeral,Trout,Redfish,small sharks, and a metric ton of Snook. Seriously, the Snook have almost been jumping into my boat.

Tarpon have been starting to show in the middle portion of the bay, and I’m ready to take you guys fishing for them!

Tripletail will start to show up into the far reached of the bay in May, and I’m definitely looking forward to showing my clients how good the tablefair is.