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Last Updated on May 23, 2022 by Capt. Jason

In the last few weeks, we have had some impressive catches!
Summertime is officially here, and We’re catching just about everything in Tampa Bay.
What to expect in the next few weeks?
I’d say more fantastic fishing!
The sharks have finally pushed into Tampa bay. We also have cobia, tripletail, and our favorite pelagic, the silver king. TARPON!

We have some great tides available for Tarpon going into June, Book now to get a preferred tide!

Best of the rest!
The snook have moved out towards the beaches and for their Spawn. Trout have been moving in deeper grass flats; expect to find them where the bait and birds are diving.
Redfish have been around; you will find a redfish when you can find mullet!
Snapper also pushed their way into Tampa bay; you can expect to find them on any structure and even shallower in the grass near rocky areas.


We are just a few weeks away from Scalloping season as well.
If you’re interested in booking a scalloping charter, visit this link.
We just launched our new scalloping webpage.

We look forward to taking you out on the adventure of a lifetime!
FishnFl, is Florida’s number one charter fishing and scalloping service.

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