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Last Updated on November 10, 2017 by Staff Writer

Today I had a father and son on board who were anxious to put a bend in their rods. So with a full live well of greenbacks that is exactly what set out to do.
The first spot was extremely productive. We caught a nice trout on the first cast and continued to reel in numerous trout, mackeral, bluefish, jacks and even a nice bonnehead shark. After putting a serious lip piercing clinic on my clients and I decided that it was time to really try to top the day off with maybe some snook and reds.
On to the next spot…..

Throw some chummers, BOOM! snooke all everywhere and feeding. I mean really feeding like freejumping. I quickly put some bait on the hooks and we caught some really nice snook. trolling down some I see a big push and power-pole down ahead of it. Like clock work the push moves just past the boat and Jack is hooked into a solid redfish. This thing was a slob! Overslot for sure..
With that last redfish it was time to go and grab some lunch and round out the trip.. Man I love fishing in the spring.


 photo 969afa2f-f08f-4d97-9872-23310de1355e_zps281bab1a.jpg
 photo 8cae7007-4ba8-474f-ab0a-fd3b4fce8d0a_zpsd0c1a49c.jpg


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