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Last Updated on November 10, 2016 by Capt. Jason

There’s nothing like getting way back in the mangrove-lined creeks and rivers where most boats can’t get to. We get to fish the fish that nobody else gets to fish. And, it can be absolutely amazing!

There’s a world that most anglers never see — a place on low tide, way back in the backcountry. Fish stack up in little pools and cuts feeding as the tide comes in or out and rushes bait right past the ambush points that snook, redfish, and trout have chosen. Thankfully, my boat can get us there and we get to target fish that aren’t yet worried about anglers chasing them.

Lately, the bite has been very good when we have moving water. And we’ve been able to get on fish before most anglers and guides could even think to. The best action has been snook on the last of the outgoing tide, redfish on the start of the incoming tide, and then once the water get’s up just a little, we’re crushing big trout out at the spoil islands during the remainder of the incoming tide.

the bait of choice for redfish and snook has been sardines. the snook really like them lively but the redfish will eat them dead or alive — they are eating machines. When we start in on the trout, we start out with live sardines but then can switch to artificial lures to up the challenge and the fun of it all.

Fall fishing is some of the best we have. If you have been itching to get out on the water and bend a rod, now is a great time to go.

Capt. Greg
(Capt. Clay’s Nature Coast Region Pro)