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Last Updated on February 23, 2012 by Capt. Jason

What can I say about February 2012? Well… there have been a few tough mornings. However, the tough mornings that we did have gave way to great afternoon fishing with redfish up to 15 lbs, trout up to 5 lbs and even a few early season snook here and there.

The bite for us this month has centered over getting high water. For the past week that has meant waiting on the late morning/early afternoon high tides. This time of year, we normally wreck the trout on low water but ever since the cold front we got 11 days ago, the low water trout have vanished.

The good news is that once the water came up, the bite was on. New Port Richey, Tarpon Springs and even Fort Desoto (St. Petersburg) have all had great trout and redfish bites on charters this week… you just had to wait for the conditions to get right.

Bait has shown up in droves in the Hudson, New Port Richey and Tarpon Springs areas. the bait is really big as well which has really lent itself to getting bites from reallky big trout. The little guys are interested in the big baits so we aren’t catching any dinks right now.

Tarpon season is coming up fast and it is filling up fast as well. if you want to catch a Tarpon this summer in Boca Grande or St. Petersburg, you better give me a ring soon. Tarpon should be shoing us early this year due to the mild winter we had so the last two weeks of April look like they might be productive. Don;t wait though, the best dates are filling up fast.