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Fishing Report – Tampa Bay – Too busy fishin’!

By June 13, 2010Fishing Reports

Last Updated on June 13, 2010 by Capt. Jason

I must confess that I have been slacking when it comes to posting fishing reports. I hope you guys will forgive me. It’s just been that I’ve been so busy fishing that I haven’t really had the time or the energy. But, the fishing has been so good that it deserves a report so here ya go!

Tarpon: What can I say? It’s tarpon time! They’re on the beaches, in the passes and at the bridges. And we’ll be catching them all the way through September. The hot bait at the bridges has been pass crabs and on the beaches they’ve been doing back flips over scaled sardines. The beach as been really fun because you can see the fish, cast to them and then watch them crush your bait.

Check out this video of some of this weeks tarpon catches!

Spanish Mackerel: The spanish mackerel bite has been really good and we’ve been getting some real bruisers. Good moving water and live sardines have been the ticket. They’re pretty good table fair and you can keep a whole bunch of them so if you are looking to fill a cooler this is your best bet.

Speckled Trout: Surprisingly, we’ve been catching a ton of 20″+ fish. Usually in the summer time the fish tend to be a bit smaller than they are during the rest of the year but this year, we’ve been whacking some really nice sized fish. Fishing low tide in pot holes and deep cuts has been the ticket.

Redfish: The redfish bite in the summer time is typically slow here and this year is par for the course. It’s no problem finding tons of them but getting them to eat is a challenge. We can still target them if you’d like but you’ll be passing up the fish that are biting the best for fish that will test your patience. Trust me, it’s not that I don’t want to target them, they’re my favorite fish to target, it’ll just take a lot of patience if redfish is what you want right now.

Snook: We caught a good deal of snook in the spring but have not been targeting them this summer very much. There are too many other fun fish to catch that have been more willing to cooperate to spend much time on them. We can target them but see the redfish report for what you can expect.

Sharks: We’ve got sharks coming out of our ears. If you want to catch a monster, toothy critter, then just let me know. We can get anything from 3′ blacktips to 200lb+ bulls without much trouble.

Grouper: We’re not targeting them per say, but we’ve put 3 grouper over 27″ in the boat in the past week while fishing for other fish. Plus untold numbers of smaller grouper. If targeted, we should do pretty well with them.

Again, to reiterate…. WE HAVE NO OIL HERE! Come fishing! Our beaches are clean and the fishing is great!