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Last Updated on January 19, 2013 by Capt. Jason

We’ve had a very unusually warm winter. It’s made things extremely comfortable for us on the boat and the fish aren’t minding it much either.

Redfish have been up in the super skinny water and the trout have been scattered everywhere.

Trout usually bunch up in troughs this time of year on low tides but that hasn’t been the case so far this winter. We’ve had to hit them on high tide on open flats.

Jigs have been super effective for both trout and redfish and dead bait has really worked well for redfish. if you catch a ladyfish during the day, make sure you throw it in the livewell. Once you find some redfish, cut the ladyfish up in small chunk and throw it out near the redfish. they’ll find it in short order.

Tarpon season is just around the corner (3 months away at most)… Don’t miss out. If you’d like to get in on some inshore fishing now though, be sure to hit up the reservations page!

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