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Last Updated on March 28, 2018 by Capt. Jason

This week we have finally had a warming trend with Lows at night only reaching 60-65 degrees.

The daytime highs have been hitting the lower 80’s, and the cold fronts have stopped making it this far south. (I hope.)

Fishing has steadily been getting more into a normal pattern and I can see the fish getting hungry with the warmer air temps.

This week we have put the Smackdown on some Large Sheepshead up to 6 pounds.

We used up 10 dozen shrimp in  just under two hours.

Clients have also  been catching Snook  at the End of the big  incoming tides on greenbacks and some weedless artificial’s.

If you’re looking to go fishing in the next week or two I have some dates available with good tidal movement.


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