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Last Updated on March 20, 2018 by Capt. Jason

March is typically a month when we see our temperatures dramatically rise into more of a normal spring time pattern.
Cool mornings, warm afternoons, and great fishing! This March we have has been cursed by old man Winter. We have been jumping thru hoops to get people on the water. Some days it has happened other days we just couldn’t safely get people out fishing.
Our water Temps have plummeted from 77 degrees to 64 degrees. Cold nights cool days and the wind blowing has really made us have to earn every bite we have got.
That being said. We have been catching fish. Warmer days when I can cast net for Greenbacks We have been catching decent numbers of snook.
Also on calmer days we have been able to reach out and get over top of rock piles to catch some nice Sheepshead, Snapper and a few seabass.
On days when bait isn’t available or its to windy for me to catch it We have been staying close and Getting out of the wind and have been able to catch loads of Speckled seatrout and Silver trout.

The good news is that April is almost fully booked and will surely have warmer weather and a whole lot more opportunities to catch all of the Species that will eagerly feed as we go from a spring pattern into our Summer pattern!