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My seven year old son, Cade, has been begging me to take him tarpon fishing “forever” (his word… “forever “must be like 2 years to a 7 year old). Well, I had a day off recently and the tarpon bite had been good, so, off we went.

Cade was all fired up about going and couldn’t stop talking about catching a tarpon on his way there. I, on the other hand, wasn’t sure how he would handle fighting a fish that could be twice his size. But, he really impressed me as he whipped his first tarpon in under 20 minutes and it outweighed him by a good 25lbs. He proceeded to hook 6 more tarpon all by him self and did well fighting them but the others all got away. Some of the ones that got away were in the 120-140lb range. He got this nice 75lb fish to the boat. Check out the video!