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Picture Worthy!

By March 28, 2009Fishing Reports

Last Updated on March 28, 2009 by Capt. Jason

What a wild last few weeks I’ve had. I’ve been to Cleveland Ohio for an outdoor show, averaged more than 1 charter per day when I was in town and watched Spring arrive down here while the fish started chewing the bottom out of the boat. I’ve got lots of pictures from the last few weeks so check them out at the bottom of the page.

Just before I went out of town it seemed we could do no wrong with the redfish. 30-40 fish days was the average. It was a blast. EVERY SINGLE FISH was a keeper or better and they readily took sardines fished under a cork. One school of fish numbered in the hundreds and stayed around for over two weeks. They didn’t disappoint us until two days ago when they decided they’d had enough of us and moved on. Thank goodness the monster trout have taken up the slack. Today may have been the best day yet with over 35 trout landed… all over 18″ with the biggest being 24″.

The calendar may not agree with us here in FL but Spring is here as far as I’m concerned. The weather is warm during the day and the fish are biting well. A sweatshirt or light jacket is all that’s needed on the morning ride out but before noon everyone has been in shorts and t-shirts

Look for redfish and trout to continue to bite well. Redish will fair really well as the water warms but we MAY see trout thin out a bit. Snook are showing up on the flats but haven’t been biting real wet yet. They should turn on with the warming water soon. I am constantly looking for the cobia to show up right now. They should be here any day now as my log book says we were catching them in early April over the last could of years. We got a 27lb cobia last year in the last week of March so they should show up any time now.

There’s no better time to be on the water than right now. If you’re looking for a great time catching fish, schedule your charter online right now using the “reservations” page.