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Last Updated on September 27, 2018 by Capt. Jason

September has been a fantastic month for fishing.
Tampa Bay has so far been spared from any red tide inside of the Skyway bridge.
A dominant east wind forecast for the next 15 days should further improve the water quality.
I have been fortunate run alot of Trips this month that have produced, Tarpon,Redfish,Snook,Snapper
and Trout. We are seeing great fishing with weather that feels more like august then the end of September.
Look closely to the weather forecast we’re one solid cold front away from sending the fish into a fall pattern that will kill off remaining red tide in the gulf of mexico and will send all of our resident species into a feeding frenzy.
Additionally, cooler weather temps will get our pelagics heading through the bay area.

I still have openings in October, and would love to have you on my boat to show you a great fishing experience.