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Last Updated on September 23, 2021 by Capt. Jason

Fall is finally here, and with it comes some of the year’s best opportunities to catch a wide variety of fish. Trophy-sized bull redfish and Snook are pushing into Tampa bay, anticipating that winter is right around the corner. Expect to see The first biomass of Kingfish as we watch water temps drop close to the 72-degree mark.
This week in Tampa Bay, we have been catching Lots of Snook, Trout, and Redfish. Big breeders pushed into the bay on this last moon, and we should be able to target them consistently through October.
If you’re looking for something to take home for dinner, We also have you covered. Mangrove Snapper can be caught at pretty much any structure from the Skyway Bridge to Safety harbor. Mackeral have also been a pretty consistent bite inside of Tampa Bay; Find the bait. Find the Mackeral. I have availability in The last week of September and Plenty of open dates in October.
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