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Last Updated on March 7, 2015 by Capt. Jason

Hey guys Spring fishing is upon us! It’s time to shake of those winter cobwebs and get out and catch some fish!

trout are showing up in good numbers from Anclote key all the way up to hudson. The average size is 17″-18″ with some as large as 25″ being caught. Redfish have been found in some dark bottomed back country areas and snook are starting to creap towards the mouths of the creeks and rivers.

It won’t be long before full blown Springtime fishing is here. you don’t want to miss it. The forcast this next week is predicting several days in the 80’s and that should usher in an exposion of redfish and trout. Snook should follow close behind them. If it stays warm for a week or so, don’t be surprised if we start running into cobia.

New Boat for 2015!


I’ve been tremendously blessed to join the pro staff of Blue Wave boats! My new Blue Wave 2400 Pure Bay is loaded to the hilt with fishing and comfort feature and is an incredibly soft and dry ride in a chop.

Spring is upon us and I’ve got an amazing new ride to get you to┬áthe fish. Don’t miss out!