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Tampa Bay, Tarpon Springs and New Port Richey Fishing Report

By April 16, 2010Fishn' Fl

Last Updated on April 16, 2010 by Capt. Jason

The bite is on! The fish have finally woke up and they are hungry. We put snook in the boat for the first time last week and several snook from 24-33″ have been brought to the boat. That’s a good thing because we were all kind of worried about this years snook bite after this past winter’s extremely cold weather but they look to be doing just fine.

The two hot tickets this past week were redfish and trout. Both of which have been jumbo sized and a ton of fun. The key has been getting a livewell full of sardine and chumming hard to get the fish excited.

Today I fished the TAMPCO tournament with the CFO of TAMPCO and the Owners of Deep Blue Marine Products Inc. I picked up a few nice sized threadfins and planned on hitting up some sardines on theĀ  the way to our first stop but luckily a buddy hooked me up with plenty of sardines he had found before we departed. So off we went to a spot looking for snook and I asked my guys if they wanted to try to win or if they just wanted to stay close to the boat ramp and have fun. They opted for a chance to win. So we made a 30 minute run to where I had seen some really big redfish a couple of days before and the spot didn’t disappoint us. We boated several over slot redifsh with the biggest ones being, 29.5″, 31″, 31″ and 32.5 inches long and all but one were 10 lbs or more.

Then we headed off to look for our second part of the inshore slam and boated some nice trout with the biggest hitting a huge live threadfin herring and measuring 20″. Once we had that it was off to find the snook to round out the slam and we ran to a spot where we had seen them earlier in the day and pitched baits out and had them blowing up chummers but they just refused to hit a bait with a hook in it.

If it hadn’t been a slam tournament, we probably would have stayed more than an hour on those huge redfish and we could have worn them out but hey, we wanted to win the tournament. We fell just short but it was a lot of fun. I’ll have to visit those big reds some more this week when we can spend some more time with them and get some more pictures.

DON”T FORGET!!! TARPON SEASON IS JUST AROUND THE CORNER! Catching a tarpon is the most exhilarating thing you can do inshore and you don’t want to miss out!!! We’ll start chasing them in May and if you want to get in on the days with the prime tides, don’t hesitate. There will be hundred of 100lb+ fish ready for you to catch in just a few short weeks. Book now! A lot of people have been waiting until the last minute to book a trip with me this year and they’ve missed out because I was already booked. 3 groups this week missed out because they waited until the last minute to try to book and 10 groups have missed out in the past two weeks because they didn’t plan ahead. If you know you want to go fishing with me, don’t put it off. Book as soon as you know the date you want to go. Otherwise you might call and find out someone else planned ahead and took the date you wanted to go.