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Last Updated on June 9, 2013 by Capt. Jason

Fresh off a tropical storm, the tarpon have shown back up in full swing. This weekend, Egmont Key began to get a major influx of tarpon and it’s about time. Though there have been some fish there, they haven’t been as thick as usual at the Key. We’ve had to go other places to get into tarpon consistently.  It sure seems like this year is shaping up for us to have a late and long lasting tarpon season. Barring any crazy weather, I could see good tarpon fishing lasting into September this year. The water temps are still moderately low and we seem to be getting more and more fish show up every day.

The best bite on the incoming tide has come on live threadfin herring. The best bite on the outgoing tide has been on small crabs. Cut bait has not proved to be a great solution yet. Though I can imagine the fish will turn on to that method soon in between the moons when the tide is a good deal less swift.

If you’re looking to hook into the “silver king” here in the Tampa Bay area in the near future, be sure to make a reservation soon. June still has a few dates open and July looks to be a great month the way things are panning out.

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