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Trout Bite is Hot… And they’re invited to dinner!

By November 25, 2012Articles

Last Updated on November 25, 2012 by Capt. Jason

For years, sea trout have had a wintertime closure here in Florida; in both the South region and the North region. This is the first year in recent memory that the season closures have not been in effect. So… that’s awesome news for those of you who enjoy trout as table fare.

From November through March is typically our best time of year to catch sea trout and it is also the time of year where the average size of these tasty fish is much larger than usual. During the warmer months, trout might average 13-16″ long but during these cooler months in Florida, trout usually average 18-22″ with catches of trout up to 28″ is not unusual.

For you lure fishing aficionados, this is a great time of year for fishing. Especially for sea trout. Sea trout will readily take a variety of soft plastic lures as well as topwater plugs. It’s also the time of year when big trout will get up into really shallow water where you can sight fish for them with your favorite lure. Casting at shallow water seat trout is one of my favorite things and if you enjoy sight fishing, you’ll love doing it too.