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Warm Weather, Hot Bites

By February 27, 2009Fishing Reports

Last Updated on February 27, 2009 by Capt. Jason

Wow, what a relief it has been over the past week! Warm weather! It almost felt like spring out there. There was just a slight nip in the air early each morning which gave way to upper 70 degree weather by mid day. The fish seem to be enjoying the weather as well as trout and redfish alike have really come on strong.

This past week, those looking to get their limit of trout for the dinner table had no problem achieving their objective. We fished the spoil islands in St. Joseph sound with live shrimp fished under popping corks with great success. When we ran out of live shrimp, we used dead shrimp on Slayer Inc. Jig Heads fished under popping corks and the bite didn’t miss a beat.

Those looking for strong tugs on the fishing line were treating to some awesome catch and release redfish action. The redfish seem to have popped up everywhere in the last couple of weeks. Finding a school of them willing to eat is the key. Looking for “happy” fish, as we call them, was the key. “Happy” fish are redfish that are schooled up tight and rolling on their sides flashing their bright copper scales. You can see the reflection of the of the sun off of these fish from at least 75 yards. As the schools cruise the flats looking for a meal, they will roll on their sides, flashing, and giving away their position. This week, most fish ate Mirr-O-Lures new line of soft plastic baits rigged on Slayer Inc. Jigheads. High water has also been a big key to getting on these fish as they have been waiting on water to cover oyster bars as they move up into the shallows.

This next week should be great for trout and we’ll have to see how the redfish respond to the mild cold front that is scheduled to come through tomorrow night. If it doesn’t get too cold, expect these fish to stick around where they were this past week and to eat just as well.

If you are looking to get out in March, schedule your trip as soon as possible, we’re down to around only 10 or so dates available. Don’t forget though that many days have afternoon trips available as well when morning trips are just half days charters.