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Last Updated on March 13, 2013 by Capt. Jason

Winter arrived late to the Tampa Bay area. And it didn’t really stick around. It came and went… came and went… and came and went. Never stayed cold for too long and when the weather was warm, the bite was hot. It’s now mid March and it looks like (cross my fingers) that the warm weather may be here to stay.

I’m not going to lie, the frequent cold fronts in late February and early March made things tough on a few trips. But when things warmed up after each front, the fish cooperated really well for us. It looks like, and I don’t want to jinx us, the warm weather is here to stay and that Spring is beginning to really come into full swing.

Right Now:

Trout, redfish and snook have all been coming out to play. The trout haven’t even cared too much when it was cold but now with the warmer weather, even the snook are starting to get happy. Bait is starting to show up in the usual places and it should stick around now for the duration of Spring and Summer so that we’ll have plenty of ammo when targeting our inshore finned friends. If you’re looking to target fish on artificial lures, now is a great time to test your skills. We caught tons of trout this week on jigs as well as topwater plugs from Mirr-O-Lure. Redfish can also be targeted using soft plastics.

Coming Soon:

Cobia should start showing up on the flats any day next week. Once the water temps hit 70, we start finding cobia following the stingrays on the flat. There’s nothing like hooking a 25lb brown bomber in less than 2 feet of water!

Don’t get caught napping! Tarpon season is merely a month and a half away! If you want to hook into the giant “silver king”, book now. By the start of tarpon season, I normally have only a handful of days available. Don’t miss out on what is sure to be an epic year tarpon fishing out of St. Petersburg.