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Last Updated on June 8, 2023 by Staff Writer

Dive into summer with a treasure-hunt-like experience that unites families, nature enthusiasts, and seafood lovers alike. Homosassa Scallop Season 2023 promises an immersive, joyful, and potentially mouth-watering adventure in the crystal-clear waters off the coast of Florida. This aquatic escapade invites you to swap your daily grind for the thrill of hunting for the “Jewel of the Sea.”

The Homosassa Scallop Season

Scallop season is the time of year when Floridians and visitors descend upon the waters of Homosassa and Crystal River, hunting for their share of the delectable shellfish hiding beneath the sea’s surface. Mark your calendars as this underwater safari kicks off on July 1st and runs until September 24th.

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Dive In: The Scallop Experience

Anyone who’s comfortable swimming can take part in the scallop harvest. Beginners need not worry, as expert guidance is always available, ensuring your scalloping adventure is safe and rewarding. And don’t fret about gear; everything you’ll need – snorkels, masks, and fins – will be provided.

Your Scallop Day Adventure: From Hunt to Harvest

Expect your day to begin around 8 am with a scenic river cruise meandering toward the scalloping grounds. The excitement amplifies once you’re on the scalloping hotspot. Snorkel gear secured, you’ll plunge into the inviting, clear waters. Keep your eyes peeled for scallops subtly camouflaged against the seafloor. Spot them, dive, and secure your catch in your bag. It’s as simple and exhilarating as that!

Post-hunt, you’ll head back up the river towards Homosassa’s enchanting freshwater springs. Along this journey, nature’s audience might include dolphins, ospreys, and majestic manatees. End your day with a revitalizing dip in the crisp, blue waters of the Homosassa Springs – a well-deserved treat after your underwater pursuit.

Responsible Scallop Harvesting

Scallop season is not just about the thrill of the hunt but also about respecting the environment and ensuring the sustainability of the scallop population. Therefore, the state law allows a maximum of 10 gallons of whole bay scallops in shell or a 1/2 gallon of scallop meat per vessel.

Remember, the after-hunt is just as important. Discard scallop shells responsibly. Disposing of them in inshore waters can harm seagrass habitats and create hazards for other recreational activities. A trash receptacle or larger bodies of water are better choices for shell disposal.

A picture of Get Ready for Homosassa Scallop Season 2023 with Fishn Fl.

Preparing for Your Scallop Season Adventure

To make the most of your day, bring along sunscreen, towels, food, and drink, and of course, a positive attitude. And be prepared for a unique experience – one that combines the excitement of a treasure hunt with the calm, mesmerizing beauty of Florida’s aquatic life.

So why not turn this summer into an unforgettable adventure? Under the expert guidance of Captain Jason Dozier, let 2023 Homosassa Scallop Season take you on a memorable journey into the heart of Florida’s sea life. As a local, Captain Jason’s love for Florida’s waterways and the bounty they offer is unparalleled. His expertise and enthusiasm guarantee that your scalloping adventure will be an experience you’ll treasure for a lifetime; book your trip today!