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Last Updated on August 23, 2022 by Staff Writer

It’s hot. Really hot. Tampa Bay is seeing some of the highest temperatures of the year, with water temps reaching as high as 90 degrees. Warmer water temperatures can mean more lethargic fish that are not as active. Fishing during these conditions can be tricky, but with the right approach, you can still have a successful day on the water. Read on for a discussion of the best techniques to use when fishing in hot weather.

In Hot Water

Choosing the right time of day to fish is critical when the weather conditions are as hot as they are in Tampa Bay right now. The best times to fish will be in the cooler morning and evening hours or during periods of low light, like overcast conditions. This is when the fish will be most active, and you’re more likely to have success.

A picture of Battling Hot Water in Tampa Bay with Fishn Fl.What to Do?

Working the incoming tides can also be productive, as fish tend to react more favorably to the change in water conditions. As the tide comes in, fish will be more likely to feed.

When faced with more challenging conditions and lethargic fish, opt for cut bait. Cut bait is traditionally more appealing to them than live bait or lures in these circumstances. If you’re fishing for active fish, though, live bait or lures can be a better option.

A picture of Battling Hot Water in Tampa Bay with Fishn Fl.How to Get There

If all else fails, you can always hire a guide! Charter trips can be a great way to learn about how to fish in Tampa Bay, and they take all the guesswork out of having a successful day on the water. Additionally, guides have all the latest information on where the fish are biting and what they’re biting on.

So, don’t let the hot weather keep you off the Tampa Bay waters! With a little bit of know-how, you can still have a great day of fishing. And if all else fails, charter a trip with us and let us show you how it’s done!

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