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Last Updated on December 27, 2022 by Staff Writer

Are you an avid duck hunter looking to make the most of your next hunting excursion? Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced shooter, it’s essential to understand the different types of shotgun loads and firearms that can help you bring home a tasty meal. Having the right gear makes all the difference regarding successful waterfowling – let’s explore some of today’s shotgun options and some ammo considerations perfect for duck hunting!

The Basics

When it comes to hunting or handling firearms, safety is always the number one concern. When it comes to hunting shotguns, this could be as simple as following your firearms safety rules or making sure you can handle the size, weight, and power of the shotgun you’re using. Duck hunting can be exciting, and with the right equipment, you’re on the right path to get it done right!


When it comes to shotguns, there are three main options for actions, break, pump, and semi-actions are the most common, and all come at different price points.

A picture of Popular Duck Hunting Shotguns and Loads with Fishn Fl.

Break Action

Break actions are single-shot shotguns that are a bit cumbersome and slow regarding the rate of fire, but they’re perfect for the beginner who needs to learn their way around their sights before they can focus on speed and efficiency. Also, coming at a cheaper price point usually, these are perfect for the novice.

Pump Action

Pump actions are the next step up for single shots and come in all price ranges. Pump actions are perfect because they have a higher ammunition capacity, allowing quick follow-on shots. They are a great middle price-point option for everything from target shooting to ducks.


Semi-auto shotguns are the most convenient option but come at the highest price. These shotguns have the same value of ammo capacity as their pump action counterparts but allow for one less step in function; with these, it’s just point-and-shoot until you’re empty.

A picture of Popular Duck Hunting Shotguns and Loads with Fishn Fl.


Plenty out there will get the job done when it comes to finding ammo for duck hunting. Practicing at the range with different loads would be best to see what waterfowl load works best for you. You do this by establishing a pattern; to establish a pattern with the different shell loads, you need to set up a paper target at what you think your engagement distance will be and then fire the shells at the paper, observing which loads give you the best spread in the lethal zone.

Let’s Go Hunting

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