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Last Updated on February 10, 2023 by Staff Writer

Tampa Bay, Florida, is an angler’s paradise! Featuring some of the warmest waters in the region, Tampa Bay provides year-round fishing opportunities. As we head into February 2023, anglers should expect to find diverse fish species actively biting, making it a go-to destination for any passionate fisherman. From the expert angler to beginners looking to make their first catch, Tampa Bay is filled with plenty of surprises!

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Tampa Bay is a Fishing Hotspot

Look no further than the spectacular Tampa Bay. Visitors will find an abundance of fish species readily available within the diverse marine environment, from the deep offshore waters to the shallow grass flats around its many bays, inlets, and estuaries.

February is the ideal time to visit as various fish species move into warmer waters to feed. Those looking for a truly memorable experience are invited aboard one of Tampa Bay’s fishing charters and tackle whatever lies beneath their lines! Anglers of all levels can be confident that they will get something out of their experiences in Tampa Bay.


Sheepshead has become a favorite catch with a tough-fighting nature and delicious meat. You’ll need to look near structures like docks, bridges, or artificial reefs to find these tasty fish. Attract them with live bait or frozen bait, but keep an eye out for their distinctive look – black and white stripes coupled with sharp teeth like humans. Sheepsheads also have bony spines on the backs when you get close enough to see them.

A picture of What’s Biting in Tampa Bay in February 2023? with Fishn Fl.


Tampa Bay in February is the perfect habitat for redfish. With the shallow waters and hiding spots among the grass flats, oyster bars, and mangrove shorelines, anglers of all skill levels have good chances of catching a redfish.

Redfish are known for their generous biting habits and powerful runs when on the line, so they make excellent sport fish. Keep an eye out for their copper-colored bodies, large scales, and tail with the distinctive black dot – your latest record could be just around the corner!


Trout are easily identifiable by their silvery bodies with black spots and forked tails. As the waters start to warm, they move into shallow waters to feed. Look out for grass flats, mangrove shorelines, or even the backwaters of the bay, where you can cast your line using either live or artificial bait. Aside from their acrobatic fight and delicate flavor, trout also provide plenty of bragging rights when it’s time to flex your angling skills.

A picture of What’s Biting in Tampa Bay in February 2023? with Fishn Fl.


February is an exciting time for anglers in Tampa Bay thanks to the arrival of snook—these predatory fish are known for their potent runs and mild flavor. To find them, look along mangrove shorelines, inlets, and passes—we promise you won’t be disappointed! If you can entice one of these sleek creatures with live or artificial bait, you’ll recognize a snook by its dark body, broad mouth, and striking horizontal stripe running down its back.

Let’s Go Fishing!

February is an exciting time of year for Tampa Bay anglers! Accomplished angler, Capt. Jason has lived in Florida and grew up fishing the waters of Tampa Bay. He has extensive experience with various popular fish species, such as redfish, trout, snook, and sheepshead, actively biting this month. Don’t miss the fantastic fishing opportunities that Tampa Bay offers – book your charter today with Capt. Jason and FishnFL! You’ll have an unforgettable day on the water catching these popular species and more!