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Last Updated on January 13, 2023 by Staff Writer

Tampa Bay is a prime location for seatrout fishing, also known as speckled trout or weakfish. These fish are a staple in the Bay, much like redfish, and are available during all seasons. Whether you are looking to fill a cooler or battle a gator-sized seatrout, Tampa is the place to be.

Seatrout in Tampa Bay

Seatrout, also known as Speck’s, are a common catch in Tampa Bay. They are known for their intense fight and delicious, mild white-tasting meat. They can be found in the deeper grass flats, typically in water depths of 1-6 feet, and are available all year round but are most commonly caught during the cooler months from October to May. They are usually around 10-30 inches in size, with an average of 17 inches. They can be caught using artificial or live bait.

Fishing Techniques

Seatrout are commonly found over the grass flats, which makes them easy to target for anglers. They will readily hit a lineup of artificial or live baits. Some popular techniques for catching seatrout in Tampa Bay include jigging, drifting, and casting. Jigging with soft plastic lures or live bait is a great way to target these fish in the deeper grass flats.

Drifting with live bait can also be effective, especially when the seatrout are feeding on the surface. Casting with topwater lures can be an exciting way to catch seatrout, as they often make explosive strikes on the surface.

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Big Seatrout

If your mission is to catch big seatrout, Tampa Bay has them. These “gator” trout in the 25+ inch range patrol these waters regularly. When you hook into a seatrout in the 23+ inch range, you might even think you’ve caught a snook. These big fish are a true test of angling skill and will provide a memorable catch.

Where and When to Catch Seatrout

Spotted Sea Trout (also known as weakfish) are one of the most sought-after fish in Tampa Bay. They primarily live around the deeper grass flats and use these areas as breeding grounds. You will typically find seatrout in big schools around grass flats from 1 to 6 feet of water.

Most in the Tampa Bay area range from 10 to 30 inches in size, with an average of around 17 inches. The best months to catch seatrout in Tampa Bay are typically the cooler months (From October to May). However, they can be caught year-round.

A picture of Tampa Seatrout Fishing Charters with Fishn Fl.

Inshore Fishing Charters

Inshore fishing charters in Tampa Bay are a great way to experience the area’s diverse fishing opportunities. Tampa Bay is known for its shallow-water flats fishing, which is made possible by the Bay’s large shallow-water estuary and numerous creeks and rivers that feed into it. The Bay is also home to various inshore game fish, such as redfish, snook, and trout, and offers different types of fishing, such as skinny water sight fishing, river fishing, grass flats fishing, and more.

Capt. Jason is a guide who can help you target specific species of fish or catch as many different types of fish as possible while you explore the exciting flats fishing in Tampa Bay. Whether you are a seasoned angler or a beginner, Capt. Jason can provide a personalized fishing experience that will cater to your needs and skill level.

He will take you to the best spots for seatrout fishing, provide you with the necessary equipment and bait, and give you tips and techniques to help you catch more fish. With a Tampa Bay fishing charter, you can expect a fun, action-packed day on the water and the chance to catch some of the best seatrout in the area. Book your trip today!